necks are
adapted to the
needs of the
designed cap.
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Cosmetics / Personal Hygiene

PLASTICOS VANGUARDIA S.A., leader in this sector, uses the latest materials in manufacturing its containers, developed in PE and PP, applying both air blown and injection blown processes. With the latest technology, we are able to allot up to 75 points on the container while reducing the weight of our containers, at all times maintaining reliability.

Participation of PLASTICOS VANGUARDIA, S.A. in the cosmetics
and personal hygiene sector is considerable, particularly due to
its production capacity and high degree of quality and service.
The final result is that our customers put considerable trust in us.

We collaborate with our customers in developing containers, a task continued by our moulders when constructing the moulds and with the suppliers of raw material and masterbatch when selecting and certifying the materials to be used in the container.

Silk screen printing (in one or various inks) and hot-stamping decorate an important part of our containers with a personalized finish